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  • Sermon - Year B

    1st Sunday of Lent

    Agnes, Babet, Ciarán, Debi, Elin, Fergus, Gerrit, Henk, Isha, and Jocelyn; these are the names of nine storms that have affected the UK over the last five months. They just topped the overall challenging weather conditions last autumn and this winter. It feels like it’s been raining (or snowing) all the time, with only a day or two of respite…

  • Sermon - Year B

    6th Sunday in Ordinary Time

    As I emerged from the sacristy to start Mass, I instantly spotted in the pews a couple of people I hadn’t seen in ages and hadn’t expected to see there and then. We knew each other from a previous parish of mine in quite a distant past.  It was a lovely surprise, so much so that, at the end of…

  • Sermon - Year B

    5th Sunday in Ordinary time

    There’s a lot of excitement going on in today’s gospel. The locals were thrilled by Jesus’ presence among them in their synagogue. Then, the news of Simon’s mother-in-law having been miraculously healed by Jesus spread like wildfire in the neighbourhood, and soon after sunset, when the Sabbath day restrictions were over, the house where Jesus was staying was besieged by…

  • Sermon - Year B

    4th Sunday in Ordinary Time

    “You will be condemned and go straight to hell!” was essentially the message directed at my good friend and fellow priest years ago at a Pentecostal-style prayer meeting in the USA, to which he’d been invited. I’d say it was a bit harsh, considering he was a man of great personal integrity and a highly regarded leader whose contribution to…