Loch Kinord

It took two visits to the Muir of Dinnet National Nature Reserve to walk the route I had planned. My first attempt was cut short by deteriorating weather (driving snow). Rather unexpectedly I had another chance a couple of days later thanks to an unusual alignment of stars and a leap year (just kidding…). Unlike at the first attempt, the weather was gorgeous!

I started by walking the part of the walk I had cut short previously – just in case the weather would deteriorate again. The path led gently up a slope that very quickly turning into a slush and wet snow-filled ditch – that was the unwelcome result of the nice, warm temperatures and occasionally I struggled to keep myself upright – it was quite slippery! Nevertheless, the walk was very pleasant.

Nearly 1.5 hours later I arrived at the path around Loch Kinord and only then while walking did I realised how little had I seen and noticed a couple of days later – I had been really focused on covering my eyes against the driving snow. The rest of the walk was quite uneventful but certainly very pleasant and relaxing.

But completing that walk I incidentally earned the Frog virtual badge from Garmin for having walked a walk on 29th February. Rather nice!

My walk’s details: https://connect.garmin.com/modern/activity/4604562980